A Brief Guide to Wichita It's YOUR move!

    Disclaimer: This guide won’t contain NEARLY enough information to fully introduce you to this wonderful city. However, I hope that it will help you become familiar enough with our home that you’ll come visit if you don’t live here and do more exploring if you already reside nearby.

    Wichita is the largest city in Kansas. We’re still a little unsure how Missouri wound up with a larger city named after our home state, but it seems at this point that they’re not going to give it back. Most of us have forgiven and moved on. Most of us. Wichita is also the 49th largest city in the US. We’re proud of the growth that we’ve experienced but most of all we’re proud of what Wichita has become as a city and why it’s been attracting so many people and businesses who could go anywhere.

    Wichita got it’s start in the mid to late 1800’s as a trading post for cattlemen and cowboys. Back then, Douglas was the main street for the city until it reached the Arkansas River. On the other side of the river there was the wild west town of Delano, with far less pesky ‘rules’ for the rough and tumble cowboys to follow (Like “Don’t shoot your gun in the street before dinner”) and the rules they did have nobody really enforced that well. Delano was annexed in 1880 and has settled down since then. For quite some time Wichita was known as “Cowtown” but that would all change in the 1920s and beyond.

    In 1911 Clyde Cessna built his first airplane in Wichita, KS. It was a real hit and due to Wichita’s relatively flat terrain, strong predictable winds, and increasingly well educated workforce many other aviation companies followed Cessna’s lead and built factories here. You’ve heard the names: Beechcraft, Learjet, Boeing, Spirit, Bombardier, Mooney, and AirBus all have played pivotal roles in the development of our city. Plenty of other companies helped along the way too including Koch Industries, Cargill, and the Coleman Company. Another fun fact, is that Pizza Hut started here. While manufacturing continues to lead Wichita’s job sector, there are opportunities in almost any field you would want to pursue here.

    There’s a lot more to Wichita than just aircraft though. You won’t have to look very far to see great local artists, music, and fine dining all over the city. Parks with great playgrounds, trees, and walking trails are scattered throughout the metro area so that everyone can enjoy them. Wichita attracts A-list national acts regularly to any of our many top-notch venues: Intrust Bank Arena, The [historic] Orpheum Theatre, and the Cotillion just to name a few. Arguably, Wichita is also home to some of the finest movie theaters in the country as well.

    Events that the city hosts have been collecting more and more national attention thanks to the wonderful people who work so hard to put them on like the Tallgrass Film Festival, River Fest (our city’s biggest party), and of course our 2013 Final Four basketball team the Wichita State University Shockers!

    Wichita real estate is a great business to be in since we have a typically more stable affordability index than more costal cities. Our homes cover every facet of the spectrum from historic homesteads to modern lofts and everything in between. You may notice that many of Wichita’s homes are built with some type of basement. Some say it’s because of security if a tornado were to hit, some say it’s for the coziness of having a quiet space to relax, and some just need a play to send the kids when they need to get the kitchen clean! Whatever your style is you are certain to find a great fit here. Feel free to use wichitapropertysearch.com to find your perfect home today!

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    It’s your move, Wichita!