Riverside Real Estate

    Not many places around Wichita have more charm, history, and art than the Riverside area. Originally started in 1886 (Great timing! That was 1-year before a housing bubble bust in the Wichita area) by the Riverside Land Company, Riverside neighborhood was set out from the start to be a center for stylish homes, cultured living, and quick access to downtown business. Even more than 100 years later the community is a haven for art museums, friendly local shops, and beautiful parks.

    A drive through from just about any direction will take you by Riverside Park, one of Wichita’s largest parks. There used to be a zoo located on the same spot of land but with the development of the Sedgwick County Zoo out west, there wasn’t a need to have a smaller zoo in the middle of town. Luckily, the city kept the land that is surrounded by the Arkansas River and made a wonderful place to unwind and relax. There are always children playing, dogs chasing balls, and occasionally a 20-something wading out in the river searching for a lost disc. Why, of course! The disc golf course, Oak park, is just over the Nims bridge from Riverside park and is a featured course to go play on. While you’re there, you should also stop by Nims square at 11th and Nims, grab a taco from Chiquita’s Corner, a delicious coffee from Riverside Perk, or a drink from Songbird Juice Co. You’ll be glad you stopped in to this collection of unique and eclectic shops.

    It just wouldn’t be Wichita without “Keeper of the Plains” to highlight our city. Just south of Riverside, at the confluence of the Arkansas River and the Little Arkansas, there is a monument to those who came before us and left a legacy on the land which we are thankful to inhabit today – a 44-foot tall statue of a Native American that has a nightly “Ring of Fire” presentation. In spring and summer that feature happens around 9pm and happens around 7pm in fall and winter. If you go in the winter, we suggest that you only go to watch and not warm up. Even though the flames are very large and impressive, you can’t get real close. (Bummer right?) Also, just a heads up to the more adventurous types: The cascading waterfall there is beautiful (and you are too) but the city frowns on you becoming a part of the scenery. Don’t wade out there.


    Other attractions you will enjoy spending some time at are:

    The Riverside Cafe (riversidecafewichita.com) Our vote for the best pancakes in town. The whole menu is delicious and the vibe can’t be beat.

    Old Cow Town Museum (oldcowtown.org) Is an entire experience allowing visitors to relive what it was like in the late 1800’s in Wichita! How cool!

    Mid-America All-Indian Center (theindiancenter.org) Learn all about the heritage of the American Indians that were Wichita’s first inhabitants.

    Botanica (Botanical Gardens) (botanica.org) This feature attraction of the Riverside community is full of amazing plants, flowers, and even a butterfly houses. You’ll also want to drive through each Christmas season to see all the lights!

    Delano (Last one I promise!) The Delano district is so rich with history that I JUST CAN’T EVEN scratch the surface here. Delano was once it’s own city (It’s been a while – Think Ulysses S. Grant administration) Weary cowboys who had just herded cattle down the Chisholm Trail would go to Delano across the river from Wichita. You see, Delano didn’t outlaw things like gambling, brothels, and drinking so if you were a cowboy lookin’ for a party – Delano was the spot. While the atmosphere has calmed and from its original reputation, Delano does offer some incredible eating, drinking, and shopping all in the historic all-brick buildings that are as fascinating as they are fun. Check out more at historicdelano.com and go enjoy all Delano has for you!