Maize Real Estate

    Maize, Kansas started as a small farming town in the late 1800’s along the Colorado-Kansas Railroad. It never had more than a few hundred people inside the city limits for decades after that. Then, 100 years later, it became a magnet for families and their children. It’s no secret that attributing to the dramatic J-curve in population can be attributed to a top rated school system and the development of Maize road as the commercial center for shopping, eating, and entertainment on the west side of Wichita.

    As both Wichita and Maize grow, the line between them is getting fuzzier all the time. The development of Maize road is largely from the 21st and Maize intersection and north. It’s going further north all the time. Maize has quick access to all of Maize road. (I know… surprising right?) And in addition to its local business the residents of Maize enjoy all of the convenience of the living close to town without being in the middle of all the traffic.

    One of the most attractive features of living in Maize is the highly regarded school system. Parts of northwest Wichita are also in the Maize school system as well. Maize High School has achieved stellar academic results in state testing, award winning bands, and competitive athletics as well. In addition to extracurricular activities put on by the school district, the town has a thriving recreation league system that gives opportunities to kids of all ages to get involved in the community. The city’s motto is “Where community counts” and it shows!

    If you’re looking to move to a smaller, but thriving community – you should take a good look at Maize, KS.

    You could LOVE living here!