A brief overview of Haysville It's a great place to live!

    Haysville, Kansas is just southwest of the city of Wichita and east of Derby. It is a wonderful suburb that is a great blend of rural quietness while still having great access to restaurants, grocery stores, and the area’s only International¬†Baccalaureate program. Campus High School is the official high school of the Haysville area and offers the program. The city itself is just over 10,000 people strong. Obviously, a smaller and tighter community than the over 350,000 people in Wichita, this city is a great place to not feel so overwhelmed by the big city. Additionally, as far as city government goes, our opinion is that Haysville is one of the best run cities when it comes to having a supportive and cohesive administration for its citizens.

    The city started in the late 1800’s about the same time that Wichita hit the map. Businessman and visionary W.W Hays platted land that he owned for a city and the building began. They got a school in 1876 (Now the Water Department facilities) and continued to grow. A few years later a railroad connecting Wichita to Haysville was built and cattle trade became a major industry for the area. The tracks were also used for Haysville residents to commute up to Wichita on a regular basis. Fast forward 100 years and unfortunately, in 1999, a tornado took most of what was the historic district, leaving only the bank safe. (Pretty well built safe I’d say!) The community rallied around the hurt and the broken, giving support and supplies while the city rebuilt. The silver lining is that Haysville has been able to build great buildings in their stead to be filled with local businesses that are thriving.

    Haysville has seen quite a bit of development over the past few years in both the residential and commercial sides of real estate. Plenty of quality affordable subdivisions have been built and quickly filled! With the addition of the Kansas Star casino just west of the city the economic landscape, particularly with jobs that the casino has created, is poised for an even stronger outlook very soon. I suppose that’s assuming that those new job’s paychecks don’t wind up being gambled away! Seriously, have fun, but please don’t do anything stupid. It would be better for everybody if you went to one of Haysville’s great restaurants like Mi Casa Mexican, Johnny B’s Hamburger Heaven, or Noah’s Donut & Coffee Shop. Plus, you get a donut that way!

    Home-wise you’ll find a great mix of neighborhood/subdivision options as well as properties with a little more acreage and “elbow room” to grow into. Make sure to check out Haysville when you’re looking for a place to move. And then give us a call so we can help!