A Brief Overview of Goddard Take a Look Here Before You Move!

    Directly west of Wichita lies the town of Goddard. The area has seen an explosion of development in the past decade which makes since knowing that the population of the city has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Why the mass exodus to Goddard? It’s a great place to live! Goddard is home to some of the area’s most highly regarded school districts, just a few minutes down US-54/400 (“Kellogg” for the locals), and hope to plenty of things to do without having to fight the big city traffic.

    Speaking of things to do, one of the best attractions to the entire Wichita area rests in Goddard. Tanganyika Wildlife Park (www.twpark.com) is just north of the main core of Goddard and features interactive exhibits with all sorts of exotic animals! Feed giraffes, pet a kangaroo, and make sure to visit lemur island! It’s a fun place for all ages!

    As you might expect, with all of the attractive qualities about the area, there has been a BIG demand for housing in Goddard for several years. Builders have been very busy giving the newcomers exactly the kind of homes they would want. Clean and open floor plans, big and relaxing basements, and subdivisions with areas for neighborhood children to meet and play are becoming the norm in Goddard. But let’s not forget the more traditional homes in town. There are plenty of houses built from 1950-1980 that are high quality and very attractive. If in town just isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know that on the outskirts of the city there are almost always a few properties with acreage for sale so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted just outside the city. You can have it all, and not have to sacrifice being hours away from a grocery store when you move to Goddard. Before you move, take a look at Goddard!

    Need more info? Check out www.goddardks.gov