Eastborough Guide A quick guide to the CITY of Eastborough Kansas

    We love the CITY of Eastborough! Independent, yet totally surrounded by Wichita, these homes were built starting as early as 1930 and continued to be built until around the 1950s. Originally, Eastborough was a long way off from Wichita. Eastborough offered to be annexed by Wichita in 1930. Wichita turned it down. (And, according to residents they’ve been trying to annex it ever since!)

    You’ll find many homes that have ample square footage for most families along with larger lots than many places in Wichita. Two story homes dominate the balance between ranches and more colonial styled homes. The Colonial architecture is very British in nature and style which fits perfectly since the original developer, Burdon Hunter, was envisioning a neighborhood similar to his native country.

    A strong sense of community and pride for home ownership abounds in Eastborough. It’s a beautiful place to live, or even just drive through for the more casual admirers of architecture. If you do drive through, here’s your warning! The speed limit is 20 and they mean it! Plus, don’t you want to slow down a little and enjoy looking at some classic and beautiful homes? No need to rush through this little city.

    For more information, check out the city’s official site: http://www.eastborough-ks.gov/