The 5 Mistakes Buyers Make…

    Buying a home doesn’t have to be scary, and isn’t, if you have the right partner.


    There are plenty of things that you can afford to ‘wing-it’ on… that oddly named drink at a coffee shop, should-you-or-should-you-not try your hand at piloting a drone, conversation topics for when you bump into Macaulay Culkin in a subway…

    Buying a home is not something you should “wing”

    Here are the 5 biggest mistake home buyers make and how you can avoid them:


        1. Having an unrealistic timetable


    You’re going to have to plan ahead in order to find the right home at the right price. The average time between getting an offer accepted and having keys in hand at closing is around 40 days (sometimes as low as 30 if you are financially ULTRA organized). Plus you’ll need as long as a month for showings, narrowing down what exactly is the perfect house for you, and negotiating with the seller. If you need to be in a house by August 1st… The process needs to start early summer.


    1. Going directly to the listing agent

    For most transactions there are two agents – the “Seller’s agent” who is hired by the owner to get the MOST money and the best terms for the seller – not you. By working with one of our high-octane, high-protein agents you can be told things like “you can do better than this in your price range” and “this home is overpriced.” If you’re going directly to who is on the sign, they are looking to sell you that house and that house only for as much as they can get you to pay for it.


    1.      Bank Pre-Approval

    These are free and can be done without ever stepping foot in a bank. You need to know where you stand and have the heads-up for what you’ll need for your loan’s next steps. The rules are different than they were last time you bought a house (they probably changed last week!) and you’ll have to do it as some point. If you’re planning to buy in the next 6 months… call your lender and get pre approved.

    P.S. If you need a place to start, call Jarred Jackle at  316-680-5056


    1.     Home Inspection

    Would you buy a company’s stock without knowing if they’re making or losing money? Would you parachute using only a blanket because “I didn’t see any holes or nuthin’ in it”? Would you buy a home without having every outlet tested, every drain checked, the roof, windows, and doors examined, along with every other mechanical device in the property?!? I hope not. Don’t skimp on this. It’s the best money you’ll spend when you buy.


    1.       Trash Talking the House

    Even if you’ve had this technique work for buying ‘treasures’ off of Craigslist, it will backfire when you’re looking for a home. This is somebody’s house and selling it is likely an emotional move for them as much as a financial one. Be respectful and polite. Even if it smells like a cat-infested wasteland, should you meet the owners, just let them know “I don’t think this is the house for us…”


    Get your search set up today to that you’re not missing ANY of the Wichita market’s best homes!

    Give me a call or shoot a text – here’s to you and making the home buying process great!


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