How soon should I start looking for a house?

    Now here’s a great questions we get asked often and most people either start looking WAY early or WAY late. The key thing here is preparation and knowing what you’re looking for…



    If you got the above reference, congratulations on buying your first home you child of the 90s! The first thing that we recommend is that you sit down with your agent and talk about how specific or rare of a house you’re looking for. Getting on the same page early on will make a WORLD of difference while you’re searching so that you’re the first to know about the best matches for you. Are you looking to move to a home that there are several of at any given time (3 bed 2 bath in Maize school district for under $200,000)? Or are you looking for something that we will only see a few of each year (All brick house with 5+ acres on the outskirts of Wichita)? The more specific and the more rare of a property you’re looking for, the earlier you need to start looking.

    Now just nuts and bolts timeline wise, you should always include around 45 days from the day you find the right house to negotiate, inspect, get the loan together, and close your deal. So if you’re looking to move by Christmas it’s time to get an e-alert going NOW so that you’re familiar with how often the right property comes along and what you can expect to see within your criteria. That way when you see the right property get listed you can act quickly, call your agent, get to the house, write a winning offer and secure the home you’ve been looking for!

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