Hey Renters – Guess What?! YOU’RE PAYING A MORTGAGE!

    Yep! You read that right. “But I pay rent, how could I… don’t HAVE a mortgage or own the home…”

    Those are all true things. Here’s how landlord-ing (not a real word) works:


    Let’s say our good buddy Larry Landlord buys a $100,000 house (cute as a button!) with a monthly payment on it of somewhere around $600-$700. Now, ‘Ol Larry puts down 20% because this is an investment for him and the bank will want him to have some significant skin in the game. Larry needs to see some return for his effort to put in the money and take care of the house, so what does he charge the tenant? $900-$1000/month to rent the house.

    This could be you owning a home!

    “Hold the phone!” many exclaim. I thought that renting was cheaper than owning?! Maybe in some markets with different conditions but not right now. You see by buying a home with a mortgage rate that is fixed you lock in what you’re going to be paying per month in principle and interest for the life of the loan. Rental rates typically go up just like home values so Larry buys a house, creates cashflow for himself from day 1 each month, while you pay off his mortgage, and then raises rent when the market goes up. That let’s him pay down the mortgage faster, creating more equity and monthly cashflow for him, while keeping up with the market rent.

    It’s a good deal for Larry, because he’s the owner. 


    Do you want to quit paying rent (i.e. someone else’s mortgage) and start paying your own?

    This is the right time. Call today and we can help you find out about tons of first-time homebuyer programs to help you get into owning instead of renting.

    Do you want to be just like Larry Landlord and get paid for owning a true asset?

    This is also the right time! We love working with investors and helping them find cash flowing rental property in the Wichita area that will increase their net worth and give them financial security!

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