DON’T buy a home in Wichita until you read this!!

    Oh! Good. I caught you before you bought a house not knowing this. There is a decision that most home buyers make that seems comfortable at the time but can really back them into a corner later and YOU need to know about it. What could it be?! Termites? Sewer lines? A big change coming to the city? Nope.

    Your Mortgage.

    It is heartbreaking to speak to a homeowner who bought a few years ago, wants to sell but doesn’t have the equity to do it. Let me show you an example of how you can avoid this all-too-common problem. This works with any home price, and will only marginally change with interest rates.

    What equity position do YOU want to be in when you sell?
    What equity position do YOU want to be in when you sell?

    Think about this: the average family moves somewhere between every 3 and 5 years! When you call us to show you what you’ll walk away from your (hypothetical) $200,000 home sale with you could either have $45,200 (15 year mortgage) or $10,800 (30 year mortgage) in your pocket as you leave. WOW! What a difference!

    I can hear people asking: “But… but…. 15 year mortgages are more expensive!” Yes. They are more each month. But what’s more expensive? A few hundred a month or a $30,000 difference when you sell in a handful of years? If that means buying a less expensive house, fine! A house is a big financial move, and we encourage 15 year mortgages so that you can put yourself in a better position in the future. Now you know! If you have questions, let us put you in touch with one of our preferred lenders to answer your questions!



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