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    Decoding the Listing (What’s Realtors REALLY Mean When They Call It “Cozy” etc)

    For Sale... PLEASE!

    We’ve all seen those listings that seem like an incredible deal… Why are they priced that low? Well in today’s blog we’ll be decoding what is really being said so that you’re not wasting any of your time looking at listings that have hidden messages in them.


    "Just look home much fits in there!"
    “Just look home much fits in there!”


    What the listing says: “Cozy” 

    Real world meaning: “Definitely larger than a prison cell at San Quentin, however, it will be smaller than your college dorm.”


    ...uhh... I think the living room is next...
    …uhh… I think the living room is next…


    What the listing says: “Make it your own!” 

    Real world meaning: “By the time you get done making this place inhabitable, it will no longer be recognizable”


    Just a few gallons short... Also, a solar clothes dryer!
    Just a few gallons short… Also, a solar clothes dryer!



    What the listing says: “Needs some TLC”

    Real world meaning: “Needs some T(ile), L(abor), and C(oncrete)!”


    That's it, everyone is grounded...
    That’s it, everyone is grounded…



    What the listing says: “Ready for ‘Sweat Equity’ to be built” 

    Real world meaning: “Also needing to be built are walls, a roof, and some major plumbing. Rodent removal probable. This listing also comes with no social life, since you’ll be spending every waking second driving back to the hardware store because you forgot… you know.. that thing…”


    Indoor pool!
    Indoor pool!

    What the listing says: “This won’t last long!” 

    Real world meaning: “I prayed to the Almighty God about my new listing last night, even though it’s rough that ‘this won’t last long’ and someone will take this project from me!”



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