A Few Staging Tips That Will Make Your Home Feel WAY Bigger!

    9 out of every 10 homes we go in to list simply have too much stuff. The couches are too big. The countertops get used and things get left on them. …Children in general usually axe most ‘staging’ that’s been done in a matter of minutes. However, it IS worth it and will make a difference in the sale of your home, so here are a few suggestions that you’re going to want to try out in your home.

    1. Draw paths between doorways

    Nothing makes a room feel bigger than having a path to walk without having to make turns to get around furniture. If you’ve got a chair or table in between two doorways you have to walk to the corner to get around it. Nobody wants to be put in the corner! Stick your chair over there and get to steppin’!

    Walk anywhere you want WITHOUT stubbing your toe in the middle of the night!
    Walk anywhere you want WITHOUT stubbing your toe in the middle of the night!






    2. Get your furniture away from the walls

    This one is tricky sometimes but ultimately it will make a huge difference in how your room ‘feels’ to people when they walk in. I also can’t quite quantify why this works, but I do know that it does.  It’s tricky because it’s not a rule. Putting a couch against a window usually is a pretty GOOD move. Additionally, some rooms simply aren’t big enough to make ‘good staging’ advice work in. Here are a few examples though of how rooms CAN look when furniture is placed well in them.

    Tough to see but they left a 32″ walkway behind the couch. The room comes a live because of that space!
    Nothing Against The Walls!
    Nothing Against The Walls! Ah… Beautiful.

    3. Yard Sales

    But seriously, you’ve got too much stuff. Just by ‘thinning’ every display you’ve got be it how many shirts you have in your closet, how many glasses are neatly stacked under your cabinets, or how many coffee table books you want to show off. Sell your junk. Then, use the money to buy pizza for your friends that come over to help you move your furniture away from the walls!

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