3 Must Do Maintenance Tips for Wichita Homeowners!

    The biggest devaluing threat to your home isn’t a glass of wine on your new carpet, picking the wrong tile for your bathroom remodel, or even you neighbors rowdy kids – it’s Kansas weather. Weather in Wichita can be unpredictable, fierce, and indecisive (not necessarily in that order). Your house… is outside all the time. Furthermore, barring some really weird alien/government collaborations to put a domed force field over the city, it will remain outside all the time subjecting it to quite a bit of toil. For that reason, our 3 maintenance recommendations for this time of year all focus outside.

    1. Make sure your yard is graded to get water away from the house

    The last thing that anybody wants is a flooded basement, but even more than that it can make the soil heavy around your basement and start the problems. Seriously, water is the enemy of everything good in your house. Think about it… your roof, protects you from water, your windows, are worthless if they leak, your basement… you get the idea. Once the soil gets wet and heavy next to your basement wall it has nowhere to go except push in on the wall- causing horizontal cracks. That’s why inspectors red flag horizontal cracks but not always vertical ones. The #1 cause of all of this? Water is hanging out around the basement in the soil

    Negative Drainage on a House

    2. Clean out those gutter and get some downspout extensions!

    Guess what else the top professional inspectors always harp on besides grading? Getting water from your roof away from your house. It does you NO GOOD to have guttering and then gently place all that water from hundreds or thousands of square feet of roof and water collection cozily up beside the house. Get the water AWAY!

    Even a few feet of extension can make a tremendous difference in your basement’s strength!

    3. Make sure to change your humidifier from the OFF position to the ON position

    Most modern HVAC systems around the Wichita area have a humidifier on them. Many don’t work (They’re fickle little contraptions) but if yours still does we’re getting near the time that you should start getting that moisture through your home. Our summers are often hot and muggy in Kansas so we don’t need the extra humidity, but during our often harsh winters it really helps the heat in the house keep everyone warm and avoid getting those colds.



    By the way… these suggestions are great things to look for when you’re looking at homes for sale in Wichita too!




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