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    It's YOUR move, Wichita!

    Paul Bowen is an award-winning and forward thinking real estate agent and business person in Wichita, Kansas. Whether it’s providing clients with top-notch service and communication through the process of buying a home, renovating historic homes in Wichita, or marketing a listing to every buyer in the area Paul’s intense focus and passion for excellence have helped him rise to the top. Originally from Arkansas Paul, made his way to Kansas by way of Nashville, TN where he toured as a professional musician before deciding to get into real estate. He still plays regularly on the worship team at NewSpring Church.

    Paul and his beautiful wife Kacey own and operate the Wichita Real Estate Connection company. You can keep up with all of their activities in Wichita by going to

    When it comes to homes for sale in Wichita - nobody does it better than Paul and his team of experts. It’s your move Wichita!

    Paul Bowen
    Real Estate Expert - Owner
    Wichita Real Estate Connection
    1635 N. Waterfront Parkway, Suite 150
    Wichita, KS 67206
    Phone: 316-305-3456
    Fax: 316-681-3606

    Paul Bowen

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